Biomechanical analysis of a single-limb flat squat versus a single-limb decline squat…

by David Wallace, Patrick Edgecomb, James Gottlieb, and James Kelly
Saturday 01st October 2011 - Article 0

The motions of hip internal rotation, adduction, and knee valgus have been reported to increase strain on the anterior cruciate ligament in the female athlete. While strengthening programs attempt to eliminate these at risk motions, exercises are often performed by the athlete at the expense of poor body mechanics thus mitigating their effectiveness. The aim of the current study was to ascertain whether better control of hip internal rotation and subsequent knee valgus is facilitated when performing a single leg squat on a decline board as compared to a single leg squat on a level surface. Twenty (n=20) healthy active females between the ages of 18-25 years old were participants for this study. Hip and knee muscle strength was collected on Day 1. On Day 2, participants performed five single limb squats on flat ground and five single leg squats on a 25° decline board while joint angle and force data were collected.

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