Effects of vibration on disease activity scores and range of motion…

by Raj Kumari, Matt Wyon, Adam Hawkey, and George Metsios
Saturday 01st October 2011 - Article 6

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disabling disease characterised by chronic inflammation. Moderate to high intensity exercise is recommended for the management of RA, although this is not always achievable due to pain caused by local inflammation. Identifying the current status of the swollen, tender joints and the patient’s perception of pain can be assessed using the ‘disease activity score’ (DAS28). Recently, vibration training has been shown to improve performance within healthy individuals, but has yet to be used in the treatment of RA. One female patient (age: 43yrs; height: 1.53m; mass: 48kg) with active RA was recruited for the current study.

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