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Saturday 19th January 2013

Editorial Welcome

  Keith Ward

Moulton College Applied Rehabilitation and Sports Performance Conference

  Lucy Hammond

From Pain to Performance 2012

 Greg Littler

Strength and Conditioning and Sports Therapy Research Symposium  

 Philip Smith

ECOSEP Sports and Exercise Medicine Student Congress

  Keith Ward

Journal of Sports Therapy Website Launch and CPD Afternoon

 Keith Ward



Monday 01st October 2012

Editorial Welcome

   Keith Ward

The United States of Sports Therapy: A commentary on current progress and challenges of the profession

   Keith Ward

Understanding the causes, prevention, and treatment of osteoporosis (parts 3 and 4): Identifying risk factors and the efficacy of lifestyle and pharmacological interventions

    Adam Hawkey

The occurrence of compassion fatigue amongst sports therapists

  Dr Stephen Pack and Christopher Roberts

Electromyographical analysis of the rectus abdominis muscle in athletes performing 10 different abdominal exercises

  Adam Hawkey and Sivasubramanian Shunmugam

Research concepts and methods (part 5)

  David Jenkins

Book reviews

‘Postural Assessment’ and ‘Therapeutic Stretching’ by Jane Johnson

   Jeanette Lewis


Thursday 26th April 2012

In this issue:

  • Scapular muscle recruitment during therapeutic exercise.
    David Wallace, Scott Carabello, Nick Chaber.
  • Understanding the causes, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis (part 2): detecting and diagnosing the disease.
    Adam Hawkey
  • Research Concepts and Methods (part 4).
    David Jenkins
  • The characteristics of professional and semi- professional football players following off-season and pre-season training periods.
    Julian Smith, David Morrison.
  • Convulsive syncope following acupuncture treatment: a case study.
    Tim Trevail.
  • Weight loss and dehydration level in English elite male futsal players.
    Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno.
  • Effects of limb dominance and ankle bracing on lateral peak impact forces and performance measures in basketball.
    Adam Hawkey, Ian Lahart, Alan Nevill.

Issue 8: An audit of sports injuries

Thursday 26th April 2012

“Each year 1-1.5 million people attend an A&E department in Britain due to a sporting injury” (Nicholl et al 1991 cited in Boyce and Quigley 2004)”.

A substantial number of amateur sports athletes believe that the only treatment pathway available for them to get pain relief and advice is to attend A&E (Grimble et al, 1993) leading to approximately 5,600 a day Accident and Emergency (A&E) department attendances within the UK for sports related injuries (Cook et al, 2003). According to Falvey et al (2009) this accounts for the majority of the workload of an A&E department, with the highest number of attendances being on Monday as a result of weekend sports fixtures.


Saturday 01st October 2011

In this issue:

Understanding the causes, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis (part 1): the structure of bone and the remodelling process, Anthropometric and fitness development of British elite female basketball players: from grassroots to high level, The impact of playing position and level on the fitness characteristics of female soccer players, Acute effects of dynamic and static stretching on vertical jump performance, Effects of vibration on disease activity scores in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis: a case study, Biomechanical analysis of a single-limb flat squat versus a single-limb decline squat: implications for ACL injury prevention, The reliability and validity of the reactive agility t-test.