Comparative study of aquatic-based and land-based muscle power training’s effects on muscle power…

by Steven Ross, Teesside University, UK.
Sunday 01st January 2012 - Article 0

Methods of training and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injury are a much discussed topic within Sports and Physical therapy. However, there is limited research with an aim to establishing an effective aquatic based training programme for increasing muscle power output for both training and rehabilitative purposes. The purpose of the current study was to compare land-based training with training performed at an immersion depth of 1.35m in a warm hydrotherapy pool on muscle power output. A total of 21 physically active individuals, between the ages of 20-27, free of injury or disease volunteered to take part in the study.The study was designed as a randomised controlled trial in which participants completed two training sessions per week for four weeks in either a hydrotherapy pool or gym environment, seven of the participants did not complete any prescribed exercise and were used as a Control group.

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