Editorial: Quantification, clarification and standardisation of whole body vibration.

by Adam Hawkey
Wednesday 01st February 2012 - Article 3

Vibration is defined as a mechanical stimulus characterised by a recurring oscillatory motion back and forth over the same pattern. We experience vibration throughout our daily lives when driving a car or operating machinery with motorised parts, and exposure is traditionally associated with negative effects on the human body. However, whole body vibration (WBV) is an intervention that has gained popularity in both the medical and sporting arenas in recent years. Despite its popularity though, it would appear that our understanding of how human systems respond to these vibratory signals lags somewhat behind the availability of the WBV platforms used for training, and that inconsistencies and inaccuracies reported regarding WBV have the potential to limit the replication and development of research. There is also concern that researchers, by inadvertently using incorrectly reported protocols from previous studies, may unknowingly expose participants to harmful interventions. The aim of this editorial, therefore, is to quantify, clarify, and standardise the terminology used to describe WBV training.

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