Editorial Welcome

by Keith Ward
Wednesday 18th March 2015 - Article 1

For this issue we present five new and interesting articles. Adam Hawkey provides our Guest Editorial feature regarding the reporting of competitive judokas’ body composition using Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. Adam is also the lead author on two of our other articles – one a case study comparing body composition measurement techniques in elite athletes, the other an original piece of research examining how changes in heel-height alter pressure distribution in females in a series of gait experiments. For our fourth article, father and daughter Graduate Sports Therapists Nick and Nicola Dinsdale have presented an informative article examining the effect of cycling position on the rider’s comfort, performance, and potential for injury. This review particularly scrutinises the relationship between ‘man/woman and machine’. Sarah Catlow and colleagues from University of St. Mark and St. John (Marjon) in Plymouth have provided a useful addition to the gathering literature surrounding kinesiology tape and its efficacy. The authors have examined the relationships existing between the tape, anatomical fascial chains and resulting flexibility. Finally, Mark Godwin argues the case for more consideration of and investment into the use of problem-based and team-based learning strategies in sports therapy educational settings.

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